Simple Bike Maintenance Checklist for All Seasons

New motorcycle owners pull out of the dealership excited about their new purchase and eager to get on the road. Just like any other piece of machinery, such as a car or boat, there are routine maintenance chores you need to undertake in order to keep your bike running flawlessly.

Ignoring bike maintenance is not only costly for your bike, it could be dangerous for you on the road. At Premier Power Sports we like to make sure all new bike owners are clear about how to care for their motorcycles. Here is a simple breakdown of your motorcycle maintenance responsibilities and when to complete them, all year round.

Daily: Maintaining Your Bike on the Road

  • Check your tires. Make sure your tires are at the correct pressure every time you ride. Check the treads frequently to make sure they’re not worn out.
  • Keep your cable oiled. The oil and grease within the cable housing will dry up, causing problems with your clutch and throttle. Re-oil annually during the riding season.
  • Grease. Your motorcycle needs to stay greased to perform correctly. Grease as necessary:
    • Footrest hinges, levers and locks
    • Wheel spindles and swing arm
    • Brake caliper bolts and other non-structural bolts
  • Wash your bike as needed. Follow our motorcycle washing instructions to learn when to wash your bike, how, and with what.

Simple Bike Maintenance Checklist for All Seasons

Winter: Maintaining Your Bike for Storage

  • Change your oil and oil filter. If you experience cold weather, make sure you add fuel stabilizer. This will keep your fuel from going stale and gaining moisture in the tank over the winter.
  • Remove the battery. Keep your battery in good condition by storing it in a cool, dry place. Every four weeks or so, hook it up to a battery tender to re-charge it. This prevents the battery from building up sulfates as it sits over the winter. Without the battery tender you are guaranteed to have a dead battery by spring.
  • Fill up your fluid levels. If you store a bike in a cold temperature, be sure to refresh antifreeze in the coolant system. Change your brake and clutch fluids as needed.
  • Store leather seats separately. If your bike has leather seats, remove them and keep them stored in a separate, temperature-controlled area.
  • Clean up, and cover it up. Do a proper deep cleaning before you cover your bike. Take special care to remove any excess build-up from the chain. Rust and dust will destroy parts as the bike sits in storage.
  • Rotate your tires. Rotate your tires throughout the winter, every two weeks, in order to prevent them from becoming warped. Store your bike on a piece of plywood to keep moisture from getting into the tires.

Maintaining Your Bike on the Road

Spring: Preparing Your Bike for the Road

  • Add fresh fuel. Your fuel stabilizer will have gone a long way to preserving the fuel that was left in your tank over the winter, but be sure to add a fresh refill or a dose of high-octane, quality fuel to the mix.
  • Check your air filter. Replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • Check your battery. If you followed the instructions above and stored your battery properly and treated it to a monthly recharge, it should be fine. That said, air on the side of caution. Run a few tests to make sure it’s functioning properly. Every battery has an expiration date of 3 to 4 years. Replace if necessary.
  • Now start back at the top and follow the instructions listed under “Daily Maintenance.”

A bike is a huge investment. Without proper maintenance, you could face pricey and unnecessary trips to the mechanic, replacing parts that should have lasted for years instead of a season. We hope this list gave you an idea of how to get on track with your maintenance routine.

For more tips on motorcycle maintenance and the latest in bike culture and racing, visit Premier Power Sports or find us on Facebook.

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