Biker Bars with the Best Eats in Florida

Premier Power Sports calls Florida home. We know better than anyone that the ride into our sunny state can get a bit hot and the endless stretches of highway can start to feel a little too long. Whether you’re on your way to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest or headed out to Key West on the scenic route, you need to know where to stop and stretch your legs — preferably somewhere with a great burger and a cold beer. If you’re driving through Florida, here are our picks for the biker bars with the best grub in our state.

Biker Bars with the Best Food in Florida

Top 7 Biker Bars in Florida with Great Food

1. Flossie’s Bar & Grill, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Laid back spot with a biker crowd and live music on their back patio are what make Flossie’s a spot both locals and visitors return to. Beyond the typical bar food, another crowd pleaser that people return for is the steak. If you’re in Fort Lauderdale, bring your bike and your appetite.

2. Cheyenne Saloon, East Palatka, FL. Opened in 1987, Cheyenne Saloon is celebrating its 30th year as a bar and its 15th year under the current management, a husband and wife team. Cheyenne is a “classic” in every sense of the word, showing its age in the best way. While their Breakfast of Champions may not be what you’re craving (a pitcher of beer, two pickled eggs, and three SlimJims) there are plenty of other options to choose from, with the buckets of peel-and-eat shrimp being one of the most popular menu items.

Biker Friendly Bars in Florida

3. Froggy’s Saloon, Daytona Beach, FL. With a slogan like “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning” you know this bar likes to party. Froggy’s is a veteran biker bar, operating in Daytona Beach for over 25 years. One of the main perks is a classic bar food menu and huge outdoor patio to kick back in.

4. Iron Horse Saloon, Ormond Beach, FL. The Iron Horse Saloon is the place to stop if you’re in Daytona Beach for this year’s 25th annual Biketoberfest (October 19 – 22). The bar has live music and a shop to buy T-shirts and gear, not to mention plenty of parking and a killer steak sandwich and reuben.

5. Boot Hill Saloon, Daytona Beach, FL. While some bars are bars with live music, Boot Hill Saloon isa music venue with a bar. Plenty of parking and regular entertainment make this bar the first choice for bikers looking for a more lively atmosphere. The bar food is classic and on-point, but many patrons rave about Boot Hill’s famous “breakfast.” Breakfast is a Bloody Mary with enough veggies and snacks packed inside to make it a meal. If that doesn’t cure what ails you, nothing will.

6. Earl’s Hideaway Lounge, Sebastian, FL. If you’re in Sebastian, we can only guess that you’re on vacation and enjoying some scenic beachside rides. No vacation is complete without a tiki bar and Earl’s Hideaway Lounge delivers. Bar games, live music, and a legit menu packed with everything from bar food to seafood will have you unwinding in no time.

7. High Octane Saloon, Homosassa, FL. High Octane Saloon is definitely a nightlife destination that alternates between live bands and DJs in their stacked lineups. Cold beer, good music, and an extensive menu of all-things tasty and fried make this Central Florida biker bar a great place to pull over. Order the “Fat Boy,” a signature Philly cheese steak, or grab a deep fried “Chopper Dog.”  The venue is so big it hosts concerts and car shows so there’s no need to worry about parking. It also has its own tattoo parlor if you want to commemorate your time there.

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